How To Use It

Our product is 100% natural meaning that you need to give it a little “push” to get the most out of it!

Squeeze the bag firmly! By doing this you will break up the lavender petals contained inside, liberating their essential and amazingly scented essential oils!

Use the purposefully punctured eyelet to hang the sachet on your coat hangers or maybe put them into a drawer / storage space or again in your car or a small room to scent them beautifully without the use of dangerous chemicals!

Important Notice Regarding Product Use
Our products are 100% natural, however, they are not intended for food consumption.


Use it to scent the car gently


Perfumes the wardrobe and clothes


Refresh your home drawers


Give your bag a delicate fragrance

The Product

“Nature in the palm of your hand” is not only our slogan, but our mission as well and especially the way we move forward with our business. Our sachets are filled with pure lavender petals directly harvested in the French Provence and in the Ligurian inland.

The lavender we use does not get in contact with any type of pesticide since the decontamination is done through a heat treatment cycle. This means that the final customer will not get in contact / inhale any dangerous chemicals. Lavender is especially ecofriendly and sustainable since it does not require additional watering to grow.

Our supplier's certifications

Diemme Fiori's ISO 9001

Diemme Fiori's ISO 28000

Diemme Fiori's Company Policy

The Origin

At the end of the nineteenth century, lavender cultivation was one of the main economic activities on the Riviera dei Fiori.

Following the two world wars and the subsequent Italian economic boom, the practice fell into disuse and much of the land was converted to other, apparently more profitable, activities – floriculture and non-floriculture.

Lavender continued to flower spontaneously for decades without anyone making a real business out of it.

At Diemme Fiori, we wanted to revive this typical local crop, so that, in addition to marketable finished products, it could also be an opportunity for the socio-economic fabric of the area.

As a company that makes innovation one of its strong points, we have invested in research and development to bring products from a traced and eco-sustainable supply chain with unique characteristics and unmistakable quality to the international market.

The Future

We currently process around 280 kg of raw material per day to produce scented sachets and since we invest in what we believe in, we aim to more than triple our production by the end of 2024.

We are prototyping all-natural lavender and mint scented sprays that  will be marketed from next year.